Learning at ESG

ESG offers a greater degree of flexibility than the regular curriculum’s set structure does.

At ESG we believe that

  • Education works best when learners and teachers are involved and active.
  • Learning happens in and out of the classroom.
  • Teaching is a dynamic process between learner and teacher.
  • Providing context for academic material allows for deeper understanding.
  • Students learn a subject more profoundly when they teach it to others.
  • Everyone learns best in an environment that is friendly and supportive.

In support of these beliefs, ESG is a learning community, where

  • First-year students, TAs, and staff work collaboratively in a fun and caring environment.
  • Small, discussion-based classes enable instructors to adapt their pace (slower or faster depending on how students are grasping material) and to use a variety of approaches to teaching material.
  • Students take charge of their own education by asking questions and exploring their academic passions.
  • Peer teaching is valued and encouraged.
  • Working together as an inclusive community of first-year students, upper-level students, staff, and alumni benefits all members of the ESG community.