Regional Alumni Groups

Several groups of ESG alumni have been organized in major cities/regions around the US. These groups facilitate alumni networking and connect alumni with what is currently going on at ESG through reunions and other alumni gatherings.


Los Angeles 
Zhelinrentice Scott (zlscott@alum.mit.edu)

New York City
Scott Wickham (swickham@alum.mit.edu)

San Diego  
Rob Booker (robbbooker@alum.mit.edu)

San Francisco Bay Area
Claudia Gold (claudiag@alum.mit.edu)

David Maltz (dmaltz@alum.mit.edu)

Washington DC and Baltimore
Ed Seidewitz (seidewitz@alum.mit.edu)

For questions about ESG alumni activities or  to become more involved, contact ESG Alumni Chair Christian Cardozo at cica@alum.mit.edu or ESG Outreach and Communications Director Bettina McGimsey at mcgimsey@mit.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!