Where is ESG?

Housed on the sixth floor of Building 24 in the center of the MIT campus, the ESG space fosters an open and relaxed environment for students to learn and socialize. Open 24/7, ESG is a place to teach and learn, study, play music and games, or hang out on the beanbag chairs.

Classrooms and staff offices are clustered around a central lounge. White boards and chalk boards allow students to collaborate as they work through problem sets. A piano, books, and a wide variety of board games provide ample opportunity for students to relax and get to know each other. ESG’s Quiet Room offers a calm space where students can conduct interviews or study on their own.

In ESG’s fully-equipped kitchen students can prepare food on their own or cook Friday Lunch, a weekly gathering where the ESG community comes together over food and conversation. ESG alumni and MIT faculty and staff often attend Friday Lunch to discuss their research, provide career advice, or just spend time talking with students.