What is ESG?

  • ESG is a community of learners, where first-year students, teaching assistants (TAs), and staff learn and grow together as they explore MIT’s core curriculum (known as General Institute Requirements, or GIRs)
  • ESG offers the full set of GIRs in biology, chemistry, math, and physics, as well as humanities classes
  • ESG’s small classes, typically 6-12 students, foster a hands-on, contextualized, and highly interactive learning experience
  • ESG provides flexibility of schedule – students take at least two GIRs in the fall and one GIR in the spring at ESG and can take classes outside of ESG
  • ESG students and staff get to know each other well, enabling instructors to adapt their teaching to respond to students’ needs, pace, and interests
  • ESG students are encouraged to explore their educational passions and take charge of their own learning
  • ESG’s peer-to-peer teaching, weekly Friday lunches, and a variety of social activities create a tight-knit community
  • ESG students have the opportunity to TA as an undergrad with expert training provided
  • ESG is located in a 14-room suite in the center of the MIT campus
  • ESG’s teaching and advising staff are easily accessible, with offices within the ESG space