Who is ESG?

The ESG community is a diverse mixture of students, staff, and alumni.

First-year students: 55 first-year students from around the US and across the world join the ESG learning community each year.

Upper-level undergrads: As integral members of the ESG community, many upper-level ESGers take classes, hang out in the space, and serve as teaching assistants and associate advisors. As we like to say, “Once an ESGer, always an ESGer.”

Staff: ESG’s instructors are dedicated, expert teachers, drawn from MIT’s math, chemistry, physics, and humanities departments. ESG instructors serve as first-year advisors and spearhead social activities.

Alumni: ESG boasts a passionate and active alumni base, many of whom visit every time they are back at MIT. Some alumni teach seminars or mentor current students, while others serve on the ESG Alumni Steering Committee. Alumni also offer critical financial support to ESG, funding much that happens at ESG beyond teaching the MIT core curriculum.