Congratulations to ESG’s Peter and Sharon Fiekowsky Award winners for teaching and community service and the newest ESG-PKG Center Fellow!

May 25, 2021

On May 21, at the last Friday Lunch of  the year, ESG held a virtual award ceremony to bestow honors on ESG’s exemplary Teaching Assistants and community builders, chosen through a nomination process that involves ESG first years, upperclass students, and staff. Recipients of the Peter and Sharon Fiekowsky Awards for Distinguished Teaching at ESG were:

  • Luis Gallegos ‘21
  • Sophie Herscovici ‘21
  • Ryan Mansilla ‘21
  • Joshua Talbot ‘21
  • Jiaheng Zhang ‘21

The Peter and Sharon Fiekowsky Award for Excellence in Teaching at ESG, the top teaching award, went to Natalya Ter-Saakov ’21.

The Peter and Sharon Fiekowsky Award for Outstanding Contributions to the ESG Community went to:

  • Michelle Hsu ‘24
  • Nicole Shigiltchoff ‘24
  • Mariia Smyk ‘23
  • Nicolas Suter ‘23

Mercy Oladipo ’23 was also honored as the 2021 ESG-PKG Center Fellow. She will conduct a public service project related to Black maternal health over the summer of 2021. We look forward to hearing about her project in the fall.

Attached photo is of ESG alum Peter Fiekowsky ’77, who with his wife Sharon, generously supports these awards. Also pictured is Bob Halfman, the second director of ESG from 1975-1985.