Public Service Fellowships

2018 ESG-PKG Center Fellowships

ESG is partnering with the MIT Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center to fund projects that serve communities in need outside the confines of the Institute.  The ESG-PKG Center Fellowships fund public service projects that run during the summer months (June-August) that have an educational component of some kind.  In the spirit of ESG, proposals are favored that contain elements that are hands-on, and/or that involve small-group learning and peer-to-peer teaching.  Up to $5000 may be awarded to fund such projects, which may serve either domestic or international communities.  Past ESG supported projects have included the building of a library for a grade school community in Nepal, helping high school students in Haiti prepare for their SATs, and the development of STEM subject curricula for schools in rural Nicaragua.

All interested ESG freshman, sophomores, or juniors are invited to apply.  A complete set of guidelines for project proposals can be found on the PKG Center website: web.mit.edu/mitpsc/whatwedo/esg-psc/index.html  Applications are due at noon on March 23, 2018 and should be submitted directly to the PKG Center.