Welcome to the ESG Alumni Page! It is currently under development.  However, we do have some information for you, including upcoming reunions, our alumni steering committee membership, and links to resources for helping ESG alums keep in touch with each other. If you visit this page and have suggestions for improvements, contact Holly Sweet (


June 2014 Alumni Reunions (to be held at ESG)

Friday June 6, 3-5 p.m.                                

Informal reception for ESG  alumni & graduating seniors - refreshments served

Sunday June 8, 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m.          

Alumni networking brunch:  a chance to meet with other alumni and current ESG staff and students) and talk about ways to get alumni more  connected with ESG and with each other, including  mentoring freshmen, attending alumni-student get togethers,  joining our alumni steering committee, raising funds to support our educational initiatives, and participating in ESG activities in the Seattle, SF, LA, DC, Seattle and Boston areas) - RSVP to Holly by June 1st (

ESG Alumni Steering Committee

The committee meets 2-3 times year with the ESG Director and Associate Director to help strengthen alumni connections with current staff and students, and to assist the ESG staff in pursuing innovative academics and ESG community activities.  

Current committee members:

Richard Hilliard (Chair) ‘76
Peter Fiekowsky ‘77
David Henkel-Wallace ‘88
David Glazer ‘81
Andrea McGimsey ‘87
Gregory Moore ‘73
James Rising ‘03
Raja Bobbili ‘07
Matthew Wilbert ‘80
Ex officio:  ESG Interim Director (Professor Leigh Royden), Associate Director (Holly Sweet)


ESG Alumni Events


ESG Alumni Get-Together, June 8, 3:30-6:00 p.m.

As part of the Tech Reunion Weekend (June 7-9, 2013), ESG hosted a get-together for ESG alumni on Saturday June 8th from 3:30-6 p.m. up at ESG.  This was a chance for alumni to chat with other ESG alumni.  As part of this get-together, we will did some brainstorming in a somewhat structured fashion from 4:30-5:30  about how to strengthen the connections between ESG alumni, as well as develop a program for ESG alumni who have internship or job possibilities for current ESGers or who want to become a mentor in our new alumni-student mentoring program.


Atendees included: 

Ross Benson

John Cox

Seth Finkelstein

Seth Guiñals-Kupperman

Melissa Gymrek

Aubrey Jaffer

Tim Kaler

Ann  (Hening) Lu

Gary Maciag

Gregory Moore

James Rising

John Robotham

Ed Schwalenberg

Ilya Shlyakhter

Victor Shteynbok

Dave Stefanovic

Rachel Thurston

Melinda Thibodeau

Andrew Wang

Jonathon Weiss

Deborah Pekala Wilbert

Matt Wilbert

Toh Ne Win

Dan Zaharopol


Useful links for ESG Alumni

Facebook logo    ESG Alumni Facebook Page


Linkedin log    Linkedin ESG Alumni Page


ESG Alumni Mentoring Program

Program will start September 1, 2013


ESG Alumni Fundraising Drive

ESG staff and alumni have raised over $500,000 to date to support three ESG initiatives not funded by ESG’s base budget:

a.  TA Training Program .

b.  ESG Spring Seminar Series (

c.  Friday Lunch program

The total cost of running these initiatives is $50,000/year which would require a $1,000,000 endowment.  We have raised $500,000 so are half way there!  We would like to raise another $500,000 by December 2016.  If you’d like to contribute, go to our gift-giving site (,CSED).  Your gifts will be credited to your MIT contribution.   Remember, no gift is too small! 

We have five recommended levels of gift giving:
Graduate Lizard (above $1,000)
Senior Lizard ($500-1,000)
Junior Lizard ($250-$499)
Sophomore Lizard ($100-$249)
Freshman Lizard (under $100)

If you pledge any amount over $100 for five years, you’ll be a wizard lizard!  Special prizes for wizard lizards for donations over $250 for five years.