Core Subject Offerings, Fall 2022

ES.7012 Introductory Biology (P. Christie)

ES.5111 Principles of Chemical Science (N. Boekelheide, P. Christie)

ES.9114 Non-violence as a Way of Life [CI-H] (L. Perlman)

ES.1801 Calculus (G. Stoy)
ES.1802 Multivariable Calculus (G Stoy)
ES.1803 Differential Equations (J. Orloff)
ES.181A Calculus (J. Orloff)
ES.182A Calculus (J. Orloff)

ES.801 Physics I (A. Barrantes, P. Rebusco)
ES.8012 Physics I (P. Rebusco)

Computer Science

ES.601 Introduction to Computational Thinking and Computational Physics (equivalent to 6.0001, 9 units; M. Abdelhafez, A. Barrantes, P. Rebusco)
Note: Subject meets MW3-4.30 (2-190) together with 6.100L, CS lecturer Ana Bell, and F12 at ESG

ESG Undergraduate Seminars (6 units, P/F, unless noted otherwise)
ES.A100 Maker Seminar, 3 units (D. Custer)
ES.A40 Pod Power! Making Sound Into Stories (P. Rebusco, W. Roush)
ES.200 ESG Teaching Seminar (P. Christie)
ES.92 Authenticity (L. Perlman)
ES.S71 The Varieties of Human Experience (C. Kaufman)
ES.S91: Opening the Windows: Emotional Intelligence (J. Abbott)