Community Life

The ESG community is a diverse mixture of students, staff, and alumni.

Each year, approximately 55 first-year students enroll in ESG as the main source of their core curriculum studies. Many upper-class students return to ESG after their first year to serve in various capacities, including associate advising for first-year students, grading and TAing for classes, and running seminars on a wide range of topics. A deeply committed teaching staff is drawn from MIT’s math, chemistry and physics departments, as well as the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. Many staff members participate in first-year advising and in some of the program’s social activities.

ESG boasts a passionate and active alumni base. Newer alumni keep their ties with ESG through teaching first-year students. Some alumni are members of the ESG Alumni Steering Committee, while others take an informal mentoring role with current students. Alumni also offer critical financial support to ESG, funding the majority of the ESG seminar series.

Our facilities foster an open and relaxed environment for community members to learn and socialize. ESG’s student lounge is a place to teach, study, have late-night discussions, play games, or relax on its beanbag chairs. Many community members enjoy painting murals, organizing sleepovers and movie marathons, cooking, or napping on the couches between classes. Every Friday during each term, ESGers gather for a community luncheon prepared in the ESG kitchen by fellow members. Guest speakers often present informal lunchtime talks on subjects of general interest.