Teaching Assistants Fall 2012

Jonathan Abbott  Jonathan Abbott (8.01 TA, Fall 2012)

Officially Jonathan is a mechanical engineer, but underneath that major is a heart for teaching. Jonathan is a proud ESG alum who enjoys sharing wild applications of what he's learned. (Watch his The Physics of Unicycling on YouTube.) Jonathan always loves questions and is excited to return to teach as a second year ESG TA.

Elliot Akama-Garren  Elliot Akama-Garren (5.112 TA, Fall 2012)

Elliot Akama-Garren is sophomore from Palo Alto, California.  He is majoring in Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and is a TA and associate advisor in ESG.  His interests include ice hockey, history, and writing.

Yinfu Chen  Yinfu Chen (18.03 TA, Fall 2012)

Hi Everyone!! Welcome to MIT & ESG!! You're going to have an awesome time! My name is Yinfu and I'm an ESG TA (18.03) and AA.  I'm a junior majoring in Computer Science and Engineering (6-3) and minoring in German. I'm also a member of the MIT Sport Pistol Team, Alpha Chi Omega, China Development Initiatives, and DanceTroupe.  In my free time (although rare, they do happen!) I love to sleep and eat (nomz!), especially new food items.  Feel free to approach me with any questions, academics or not. Friendly chats and greetings also welcome.

Shanelle Clarke  Shanelle Clarke (18.01A TA, Fall 20120)

Favorite Teaching Quote:  Whatever you want to teach, be brief (Horace)
Caribbean-born and course 16 (Aeronautics and Astronautics) elect, I enjoy reading and almost any outdoor activity. I am fun-loving and hardworking. Having been a full-time teacher for one year, I really love working with students who love to learn and who sincerely appreciate the gift of knowledge.

Sophia Essayan-Perez  Sofia Essayan-Perez (18.01 TA, Fall 2012)

Sofia is a Course 9 major (Brain and Cognitive Sciences) investigating solutions for complex conditions like Autism and neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s. In addition, she is very committed to her ongoing project to improve high school science and math education in rural Nicaragua. Besides ESG, Sofia is involved with the MIT Public Service Center, a UROP, and the MISTI France program. In her free time, she enjoys playing the clarinet, attending operas, learning languages, and traveling the globe.

Steven Fine  Steven Fine (8.022 TA, Fall 2012)

My name is Steven Fine.  I am from Newton Massachusetts and I just finished my Freshman year at MIT.  I enjoy hiking, skiing and being at MIT.  I very excited to a TA this fall with ESG.

Natnael Getahun  Natnael Getahun (18.02TA,Fall 2012)

Natnael Getahun, who prefers to go by Nat, is majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics. He was born in Ethiopia but has grown up in the wonderful state of Kansas! A few activities he enjoys include reading, video games and shooting archery. When not scurrying from class to class he lives in East Campus where he happily blasts music late into the night and makes frequent 7/11 runs. Nat is hoping to create a Japanese Culture club this year and become more involved in MIT happenings.

Ashwini Gokhale (5.111 TA, Fall 2012)

Hi ESG-ers! I'm Ashwini, a Course 6-2 senior. I still remember my time at ESG as one of the best semesters I've had at MIT! I joined ESG in 2nd semester freshman year because I unfortunately did not get the lottery during my first semester. I'm an avid tennis player and violist. In my spare time I enjoy traveling to exciting locales. I hail from the heart of the midwest (Illinois) and am enjoying living in Cambridge -- it's very lively here!

Jason Gross  Jason Gross (8.012 TA, Fall 2012)

Jason is a senior majoring in mathematics and physics and likely minoring in philosophy.  He's TAed 8.012 and 8.022 the past two years.  His interests include programming, square dancing, sailing, reading, and building.

Elise Myers  Elise Myers (5.111 TA, Fall 2012)

Hi, my name is Elise Myers and I am a junior majoring in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science, currently with a minor in Materials Science and Engineering. I was a TA with ESG and also with the Office of Minority Education last year for 5.111 and am returning to TA this subject again this year.  I have been involved in ESG since my freshman year, first as a student and then as an Associate Advisor and Teaching Assistant.  When I'm not studying, I am active in multiple different activities throughout MIT and the community.  Some of my favorites are MIT GPI, where I serve as the Director of Education, MIT Gospel Choir, where I serve as President, Camp Kesem, where I act as a counselor, and the Openweight Division I Crew Team (rowing).  I also try to volunteer as much as I can, through mentoring programs and have worked with Habitat for Humanity in the past.  A new project I'm becoming involved with is Management Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT), a program to help students create the necessary connections for entering the professional world.
Overall, I am very interested in international health, environmentally sustainable agricultural processes, and natural materials engineering. I have worked on various development projects including research in biodiversity, reforestation, and conservation in the Galapagos Islands, as well as coastal water quality management in Saint Lucia (Caribbean) and other local development projects in conjunction with my home church, Reisterstown United Methodist Church. I strongly believe that we should all use the unique talents that we have in order to improve the quality of living of others. I am particularly passionate about giving voice to the voiceless, so I hope to be able to fight for the unalienable rights of all people, especially the people who cannot fight for themselves.  I hope to be able to draw the connection between my fields and humanitarian work and then also encourage others to do the same in their respective fields.  In the future, I hope to be able to work in International Health and Development, and also become a global citizen who is connected to and well aware of people of other cultures worldwide.

Hikaru Miyazaki  Hikaru Miyazaki (18.02 TA, Fall 2012)

I am a sophomore majoring in Biological Engineering. Studying at ESG as a freshman was one of the best studying experiences, so now I am very excited to keep involving in the community as a TA of my favorite subject. Outside of academics, I love playing board games, playing the cello and also hiking.

Billy Ndengeygoma  Billy Ndengeyingoma (8.01 TA, Fall 2012)

Billy Ndengeyingoma is a proud beaver (and ESGer)! He grew up in Rwanda and studied at a small Belgian school for 16 years.  Sustainable architecture, energy conservation and materials science always make the nerd in him really happy. When he's not busy being a typical sleep deprived MIT student, he enjoys classic literature, visual arts, alternative rock, Lindt chocolate as well as a good game of tennis.

Coyin Oh  Coyin Oh (18.01 TA, Fall 2012)

Coyin Oh is a junior from Malaysia majoring in biological engineering (course 20!). She has TA-ed 5.112 and 7.013 for ESG in the past, and will be TA-ing 18.01 this coming Fall. While she is not holding office hours for ESG freshmen, she is likely to be writing codes that analyze antibody structures for her UROP. Sometimes she can also be found in the courtyard of New House trying to get fly larvae to digest organic waste matter.

Elizabeth Qian  Elizabeth Qian (8.01 TA, Fall 2012)

Elizabeth grew up in a mitten and now lives in La Maison Francaise at MIT.  She is a junior in Course 16 (AeroAstro) with a strong interest in teaching.  Previously, she has taught for the MIT-Germany Highlights for High Schools program and the MIT Educational Studies Program.  In addition to teaching, Elizabeth enjoys music, cooking, reading, playing cards, and square-dancing.

Joel Schneider  Joel Schneider (18.02 TA, Fall 2012)

Joel Schneider is a sophomore from Iowa majoring in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics. During high school, he worked in a cornfield for 4 summers, was a part of a chemistry demonstration team that put on shows for middle schools, was heavily involved in his Boy Scout troop and youth group, and played the piano in jazz band. Since arriving at MIT, he has been involved in ESG, Cru, Next House, Zeta Beta Tau, and the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament. In addition to learning and food (especially if they're together!), Joel loves puzzles, Doctor Who, funny hats, Dungeons & Dragons, board games, giant bean bags, and taking long walks on the beach.

Larissa Senatus  Larissa Senatus (5.111 TA, Fall 2012)

Larissa is a sophomore, majoring in Course 2A (Engineering as recommended by the department of Mechanical Engineering), with a focus in Biomedical Engineering. She is also considering a minor in Chemistry, and beside all her academic requirements, her goal is to learn another language before she graduates.  She loves to dance, to sing, to read, to play tennis, and is slowly falling in love with the weather up here!  She also loves to talk, and can hold hour-long conversations, so if there’s anything on your mind, come talk to her and she'll try to keep you entertained!  This year at ESG, she will be an Associate Advisers and a 5.111 (Chemistry) Teaching Assistants.  If there is anything you’d like to discuss within those areas, don’t hesitate to email her or to talk to her when you see her around!

Shruti Sharma  Shruti Sharma (8.01 TA, Fall 2012)

Born and raised in New Zealand, resided in Himachal and Kashmir, India, and completed high school in New Jersey, I have had the pleasure of climbing volcanoes, hiking the Shivalik ranges, and becoming an addict for Italian pastries from Carlos’ bakery. In my spare time, I love to explore my surroundings, be it kayaking to the Boston Harbor Islands or shopping in the city. I am really excited to be your TA, and look forward to sharing my love of physics with you!

Robert Sloan  Robert Sloan (8.022 TA, Fall 2012)

One of the faithful denizens of East Campus, Robert is a sophomore from Rocky River, Ohio majoring in Physics and Computer Science. Along with being anESG TA, he is active in UROP and the Rowing team.

Felix Sun  Felix Sun (8.012TA, Fall 2012)

Felix Sun is a sophomore studying Course 6 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science).  He is interested in the various intersections between biology, intelligence, and engineering.  He hails from Albany, in that unimportant part of New York that's not the city.  In his free time, he plays with LEGOs, sings, helps run the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, and TA's classes for Art of Problem Solving.

Troy Welton  Troy Welton (18.03 TA, Fall 2012)

I'm Course 8 and 18. I love music, board games and hanging out with friends just doing nothing.

Justin White  Justin White (8.022 TA, Fall 2012)

Justin is a sophomore majoring in physics. He's that dude that you always hear laughing or see with a smile on his face.  He is a TA for physics in ESG and an associate adviser. He is involved with MIT's Cru (formerly known as CCC). When Justin isn't spending time being responsible (which if he is honest is more often than it should be) he likes to spend time playing games, eating food, or just talking with people.