Regional Alumni Groups

Several ESG alumni groups (or branches) have been organized in major cities/regions around the US. These groups will connect alumni with current ESG students, support educational initiatives at ESG, and facilitate alumni networking. We anticipate one or two yearly alumni get-togethers for each branch, to be organized by the branch coordinator(s) in collaboration with ESG staff and students.

Branch Coordinators:

Laurie Greenwold Campos (lcampos@alum.mit.edu)

Los Angeles 
Zhelinrentice Scott (zlscott@alum.mit.edu)

New York City
Scott Wickham (swickham@alum.mit.edu)

San Diego  
Rob Booker (robbbooker@alum.mit.edu)

San Francisco Bay Area
Claudia Gold (claudiag@alum.mit.edu)

David Maltz (dmaltz@alum.mit.edu)

Washington DC and Baltimore
Ed Seidewitz (seidewitz@alum.mit.edu)

Scheduled Alumni Events:

June 7-8, 2015, Cambridge
ESG’s 45th anniversary events and celebration of Holly Sweet’s retirement after 38 years of service to ESG.

For questions about the branch activities, or to share your suggestions about how to become more involved, contact Bettina McGimsey at mcgimsey@mit.edu. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events in the near future!

*Updated information on date, time and location will be posted here as it becomes available.