Spring 2014 Subject Offerings


ES.5111 (P. Christie)



ES.333 Production of Educational Videos  (CI-H)  (D. Custer, G. Ramsay)



18.02 (G. Stoy)

18.03 (J. Orloff, G. Stoy)

18.06 recitation (G. Stoy)



8.02 (A. Barrantes, P. Rebusco).

8.022 recitation (P. Rebusco)


ESG Undergraduate Seminars

ES.010: Chemistry of Sports: Understanding how exercise affects your body chemistry (P.Christie, S. Lyons)

ES.S10: Drugs and the Brain (Z. Fallows)

ES.S11: From Farm to Table –How MIT and You Deal with Food (P.Christie, N. Carton)

ES.S20: The Mathematics of Toys and Games (R. Sloan)

ES.S41: Speak Italian...with your mouth full! (P.Rebusco)

ES.S60: The Art and Science of Happiness (H. Sweet)

ES.S71: Increasing Your Physical Intelligence, Enhancing Your Social Smarts (N. Riskin)